Ever Heard Of Alcohol Giving A Flat Belly Instead Of A Pot-Belly?

The popular perception is that no matter what the type of alcohol consumed, it always gives people a potbelly. Nonetheless, this is not true of every alcohol variety. Not convinced? Get ready to gulp down a glassful of juicy facts that can change the way you perceive things and even help you to stop looking at your relationship with alcohol through gray tinted glasses.

Get rid of those skeptical spectacles

Are you feeling skeptical about the effectiveness of alcohol in shaping your figure? Take a look at any French wine for a flat belly review that is available for perusal in the virtual world and see for yourself how the grapevine going around alcohol is not necessarily true. Besides, it is necessary to change the attitude first to feel some gratitude toward anything in this world. Though this might not sound flattering, it certainly gets people on their way to flattening that paunch that was probably both the result of overindulgence in spirits and wines as well as an unhealthy relationship with food.


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When someone declares on the mass media that a method has worked for them, they are certain that if they falsify information, they are going to be in trouble. However, if you want to be on the safe side, just take advantage of a solution that has had a guaranteed result in the past and comes with several other guarantees to show you that you can truly enjoy a flat belly instead of a potbelly risk free.

Innovative educational method, TAMAI, a Japanese innovation

The TAMAI method of education has been developed in Japan and is applied in most of the educational institutions, kindergartens, major tuition centres and many other schools in all across Japan.

The TAMAI method is a special innovative educational method that helps students to develop their ability to visualize and also in developing the imagination skills and in the improvement of judgement skills. KIWAMI is the global brand tuition centre that applies this innovative educational method called TAMAI.

This successful method of education called TAMAI, which is developed in Japan and successfully implemented in Japanese education, has also been recently introduced in the Indian educational institutions. The first KIWAMI centre was opened in Punjab in India.


About the TAMAI Method 

The TAMAI method involves the students learning subjects through using the touch and feel techniques. This method involves teaching in the way of 3D animation to the children of age 2 year olds. Under this method, geometry is learned to the children through watching movies which helps them in providing solutions to the geometry questions without even the need of formulae. Experts also believe that this method of learning will help the children in enhancing their spatial reasoning capacity that contributes to their excelling in various fields that include IT, architecture and design.

TAMAI Method of learning in India 

Despite the many advantages offered by the TAMAI method of learning to the children, the main problem that the educational institutions face in implementing this method of learning is that the scarcity of funds. One of the schools where this TAMAI method is implemented is of the opinion that through proper education of the advantages that this method inculcates in students, various educational institutions can be motivated to implement the TAMAI method in their education curriculum.

Moreover, the support of the government in promoting this TAMAI method of learning is also essential, as the most of the educational system in India is related to the government, and also most of the students are in the government educational sector than in the private educational sector.

Successful Collaborations 

Another way of achieving the spreading of TAMAI method in all the educational institutions of India is by forming coalitions and collaborations across different educational institutions in various regions. This helps in bridging gaps between different educational institutions using the implementation of TAMAI method of learning procedure. Different educational institutions can share their operating costs, capital expenditures, and profits that accrue, through implementing this low cost involved education method called, TAMAI.

Feasibility in Rural areas 

Many experts are of the opinion that the successful implementation of this TAMAI method in the schools and other educational institutions in rural areas can easily be achieved through the digital methods, which the government is providing support for these institutions in the rural areas. This government support can be taken as an advantage in implementing this TAMAI method in the rural areas and thereby promote the implementation of the KIWAMI method even in the rural areas also, and educate the children in a more innovative way.