{007} Best Android Emulators for windows 7|8|10|xp

{007} Best Android Emulators for windows 7|8|10|xp

{007} Best Android Emulators for windows 7|8|10|xp - Android

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Hi guys do you want to know about Best android emulators for windows 7,8,10,xp ? and how to use that ?,then this is a perfect place for you to know more about android emulators and which emulator is best. first of all do you know what is android emulator ? , If your answer is “yes” that is great if it is “no” don’t worry I will tell you about android little more elaborately. before knowing about the application we should know about why we need this right . 

android emulators for windows 7
Android emulators for windows 7,8,1,XP

Today in all over the world number of smartphone users are increased. in that lot of OS are available. even though  the world wide statics about android users says that nearly 2 billion people in world wide (2016) using android. Each and every users feel comfortable with android, so they thought why we could use this android in pc (computers) so they invented emulators. the best open source apk now is android any one can develop their own app and they can use and share the app to any one. So now you got some idea about android emulator an android emulator is nothing but to use android application in desktop we need some software support that is called android emulator.

android emulators for windows 7,8,10
Android emulators for windows 7

Best android emulators for windows :

There are lot of android emulators for windows 7|8|10 are available now at the same time selecting a perfect and the best  emulators is a difficult task because some emulators will make your system dam slow ,reduce the system performance and  some will make your OS to corrupt so selecting a correct emulator is a necessary one. so we are here to help you to find a best android emulators for windows 7|8|10 . We listed a below list which contains 7 best android emulators for windows 7 try to use these and give us a feed back in comments below.

001. Bluestacks android emulator for windows :

To run an android application we don’t need android device we have the best app to run android app easily in your pc called bluestacks. Bluestacks can run all high popular games like clash of clans and applications like whatsapp messenger the user interface in bluestacks is really good and user friendly because of this it got more popular.
android emulators for windows 7,8,10
Android emulators for wimdows 7 (bluestaks)

  • Using Bluestaks you can download android apks directly from play stores and very interactive    UI.
  • To download and install any android application or games are very simple and easy. you just      click the download button and click the install button to install that in your pc then you can use   the application as like your smartphone apps.
  • To install the bluestack in your pc just run the exe file and this bluestaks need alteast 10GB        internal memory and 2 GB ram. after that you have to set the store option like google or amazon like that.
  • The user interface of bluestaks is similar like others it runs in android latest 4.4.2.kitkat it will    work like android app launcher. 
  •  In android famous bench mark antutu bluestack place a high score more then other emulators.


  • Special feature in bluestaks is syncing apps between your phone and your windows via a cloud connect app.
  • It can play more games easily. does not use more memory(RAM) easy to install and use.


  • No control on home screen apps and can't rearrange the apps in home.
  • Key mapping features are does not work properly for some games key mapppings are reversed or not good.
  • few apps forced to run in landscape mode that is a drawback.

At the end I suggest you to use this app for its better performance in wimdows pc.

002. Andy android emulator for windows 

Andy is also one of the best android emulator for wimdows 7,xp,8,10 from the public review we give 3.5 out of 5 stars for this emulator. the best advantage or feature in this andy is you can get control of your windows screen with your mobile this is really cool right.

android emulators for windows 7,8,10
android emulators for windows 7 (Andy)

If tour really need to relax after working on a regular desktop apps and games then you can use this wonderful emulator to install latest high graphics games and featured apps. The user interface of this andy was pretty simple and good. However paid alternatives, such as AMIDuOS ($10) and BlueStacks ($24/year), offer better performance and compatibility. 

  • To run this on your wimdows 7,8,xp you need alteast 3GB of Ram and 20GB free space in the disk then only the performance will be good.
  • The installing process of andy is like step by step installation process so it will be like a normal only. you can also set your lock screen on the desktop like your mobile screen.
  • Using the windows status bar in the screen you can change the size of the screen in other emulators are forced to use full screen you cannot do anything in that but here we can resize  screen this feature I like most.
  • Make your phone as aremote to control your desktop actions like tilts and touch this is working perfectly.
  • You can also use your desktop camera and mike for the apps.
  • Andy scored in AnTuTu is 31,299  this is well and good.

  • Very useful keyboard shortcuts to use the app efficiently and high performenceUI.
  • special feature like sync and can use a phone as a controller and runs in windows 7,8,10,xp 

  • Quite slow in low Ram size systems and performance also not that much in low memory pc. 

At  the bottom line I suggest you to use this android emulator when your using android apps occasionally on desktops and you have more resource of enough memory like 8GB ram like that then this will be very good. the screen control is also a best feature to make it in a suggesting list.

003. GenyMotion android emulator for windows :

In performance wise (fast) compare to both Andy and Bluestaks the emulator called GenyMotion is really good because was build in latest tech architecture (x86). After install the app on your desktop you need to configure your android device.

This emulator is also available for ma, linux OS not only for windows 7,8,10,xp.

android emulators for windows 7,8,10
android emulators for windows 7,8 (Genymothion)


Few reviews from users:

I like the emulator execution you got with Genymotion. I additionally like the diverse gadgets you can attempt on and the joining with the OS (for occasion, duplicating and gluing content from your PC to the Android copying is consistent. Additionally introducing apk documents to the Genymotion emulator with the move and customize is reasonable). Its client interface is truly simple to utilize and even the unpracticed client can introduce and make them keep running in seconds! Having the most business pictures is another in addition to of utilizing Genymotion, since you can rapidly dispose of conceivable issues in the most utilized gadgets. Have the capacity to make custom gadgets is additionally refreshing, on the grounds that you can test your applications in more particular or odd gadgets.

You can also install apps by coment promp or drag and drop.

GenyMotion is mainly used by android developers to test the apps.you can copy text from pc to mobile and mobile to pc.


Some components are shut in the free forms, however you can live with that on the off chance that you are an autonomous engineer. Those elements are more engaged for business specialty, which can bear the cost of them. For instance, in the free form you need to redownload the pictures when another Genymotion adaptation is discharged to appreciate all the gave elements and make it good with that new form,

004.  Droid 4X android emulator for windows 

Droid4X is the kind of Android test system intended for Power! , it gives complete energy to the clients by uprightness of its pace! what's more, things, for example, Complete Root Access. Likewise Droid 4X is a perfect android emulator for Windows Tablet esp(Lix Tablet PCs) Let's have a look onto some elements.

This Droid 4x is an latest most widely used emulator for windows 7,8,10 and also Mac. It contains all features which is available in android device.

My personal suggestion about this emulator after tried all the emulators I found that this one is best android emulator for windows 7,8,10,xp.

android emulators for windows 7,8,10
android emulators for windows 7,8,10 (Droid4x)


Main features:

  • Droid supports google play by defaultly
  • Supports text support operations between the host Operating System and the guest Android installation (emulator).
  • you can control the entire desktop with your phone and you can play games very comfortably with this emulator.
  • Next interesting and pretty option is you use and configure the keys according to your convenience.
  • Resize the screen resolution is also best thing in droid this is not available feature in most of the emulaters.
  • It willl support shack option application like wechat and can use joystick.
  • you can also record the video of games you played and you can share easily with your friends.

005. Youwave android emulator for windows 

YouWave is one of our most loved Android emulator. The best thing about this emulator is that it is accessible for nothing. It has got some okay and special components and in this manner it has turned into the most utilized application as a part of a limited capacity to focus time.

android emulators for windows 7,8,10
android emulators for windows 7,8,10 (Youwave)

Youwave is not that much well known but rather it works fine. YouWave don't have any exceptional components however it is extremely easy to download and install on your PC.

YouWave will demonstrate all the applications in a chose index as appeared in the below picture. Thus, you can download all the applications and recreations to your PC and can introduce them by searching every one of the applications. 

If you have very low memory device (PC) then i suggest you to use this best android emulator for windows 7.

There are two options to find and install any app or game within, first is via Google play store while second is via APK method. Both works like charm and as a user you won’t find any trouble.

006. AMIDuOS android emulator for windows

On the off chance that you've ever wished you could experiment with Android applications on your Windows portable PC or essentially need access to your most loved informing application while you work, AMIDuOS could be the ideal arrangement. A result of BIOS-producer American Megatrends (AMI), AMIDuOS runs Android 4.2.2 (Jelly Bean) in full screen or a window on your desktop, permitting you to exploit your huge screen, console and different peripherals and rapidly switch amongst Windows and Android. In any case, at $10 for a lifetime permit, this product is more costly than free emulators like BlueStacks and Andy. Is AMIDuOS worth the premium?

In spite of the fact that the establishment isn't as dead straightforward as introducing BlueStacks, once it's done, you can now run Android on Windows. What's more, not at all like BlueStacks, you get the full Android interface and experience.

android emulators for windows 7,8,10(AMIDuOS)

Truth be told, on the off chance that you run AMIDuOS in full screen - particularly on a touch-screen Windows tablet or 2-in-1 portable workstation - it feels like you've really transformed your tablet into an Android tablet, complete with the fantastic touch sounds when you tap anything or sort on the on-screen console. You can add gadgets to any of the screens, bunch applications into envelopes, tweak the home-screen wallpaper, see cautions in the notices bar, squeeze and-zoom, and generally associate with AMIDuOS much like you would any Android gadget

Main features:

  • AMIDuOS supports some sensors build in your windows system.
  • Mick and camera can work as like android apps.
  • This emulator has a special feature like Transfer file from windows to and android and vice versa.
  • when switching the application it looks long time for example using whatsapp now switch to use a spider man game .

  • super fast and cool performance .
  • you can you sensors. and can create keyboard configurations.


  • Resizing the screen size according to the reslution and forcing to view in landscape.
  • learning curves to use advanced features. 

These dissensions aside, AMIDuOS' numerous setup alternatives and superb execution make it one of the best Android emulators accessible today. What's more, it's soon to show signs of improvement: AMI appeared the following variant of DuOS at Mobile World Congress in March and, as per the organization, an upgrade to Android 5.0 Lollipop is expected without further ado.

007. Jar Of Beans Android Emulator for windows:

It is yet another great Android emulator for your PC. It can be download from the official site and introducing it is simple. Once introduced, the client needs to download apks which he needs to introduce in the emulator. 

Jug of Beans backings larger part of the applications. Additionally it has a simple to utilize interface and consequently it has figured out how to assemble a wide us

android emulators for windows 7,8,10
android emulators for windows 7,8,10 (jar of beans)

So now you got to know about all 7 best android emulators for windows 7,8,10,xp and mac and if you feel these information is good feel free to comment below we always eagerly waiting for your response thank you guys have day.

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